著者A. Charles Muller

ジャンル分売 No 3




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The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism [DDB] (<>), now on the Web for 19 years, has become a primary reference work for the field of Buddhist Studies. Containing over 62,000 entries, it is subscribed to by more than 40 university libraries (<>), and supported by the contributions of over 70 specialists, many of these recognized leaders in the fi eld. It can perhaps be described as example of the type of web resource that has reached a degree of status and sustainability such that it has been able to grow and thrive as a collaborativelydeveloped online reference—despite having little funding or the support of a major organization or team of programmers—in the age where such online reference works are so readily washed away by the combination of Wikipedia and Google. Thus, the fi eld of Buddhist Studies has its own reliable, scholarly-edited, fully documented and responsible resource that has developed a center of gravity suffi cient for it to continue to grow as the resource that specialists turn to fi rst without hesitation, and to which they may contribute knowing that they will be clearly accredited, and that what they write will not be deleted or changed in the following moment by, an anonymous person.